The Canadian Centre for International Justice works with survivors of genocide, torture and other atrocities to seek redress and bring perpetrators to justice.  We also assist people with close relationships to victims who died as a result of human rights violations or who are unable to contact us on their own.

In particular, working through appropriate domestic, foreign and international courts, and other mechanisms, the CCIJ’s mandate is to help ensure that individuals with a strong connection to Canada who experienced serious human rights violations are able to pursue justice against those who may have been responsible.  This includes survivors of atrocities as well as family or those with close relationships to victims.

The CCIJ seeks to ensure that individuals present in Canada who are accused of responsibility for serious human rights violations are held accountable and their victims recognized, supported and compensated.

The CCIJ carries out this work in close cooperation with, and for the benefit of, affected communities and individuals in Canada and abroad, and endeavours to contribute to the success of the international justice system as a whole.  The CCIJ also works collaboratively with domestic and international organizations and experts from a variety of fields in the fulfillment of its goals.

The CCIJ has the following primary objectives:

1) Providing information, assistance and direction to survivors of human rights abuses and family and friends of victims, carrying out or facilitating research and investigations of such cases, and compiling cases to be brought to the attention of the Canadian Government or other authorities;

2) Providing support to government initiatives leading to the prosecution in Canada of torturers, war criminals and perpetrators of other severe human rights abuses, and providing support for other appropriate remedies;

3) Providing education and training for legal professionals, civil society groups and the general public in Canada about impunity as a critical human rights issue;

4) Serving as a resource centre for anti-impunity initiatives launched across the country, including access to Canadian and international jurisprudence and information regarding Canadian law, policy and practice;

5) Providing support for on-going law reform efforts aimed at strengthening the legal remedies available in Canada for the victims of serious human rights abuses.

CCIJ Working Groups

A significant proportion of CCIJ’s activities are carried out through volunteer Working Groups in major urban centres in Canada, including Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria. In this way, it is envisioned that CCIJ will be able to provide services in as many communities as possible.

The Working Groups are comprised of representatives of affected communities, lawyers, professors, health practitioners, students and representatives of community service agencies. These groups provide a presence for the organization in their region and plan and host the activities with the support of the Outreach Coordinator. This includes connecting with the organizations servicing people affected by atrocities and working to increase the capacity of these agencies to offer information and referrals to survivors regarding legal remedies.

Working Groups also work in conjunction with the Legal Coordinator to develop positions on the cases that come to light through these efforts, helping to ensure that they get shepherded through appropriate channels, either domestically or internationally, and working on related policy and law reform goals. The Working Groups are developing rosters of lawyers in their communities who would be willing to work pro bono on cases in which the CCIJ will be directly involved.

Contact Us 

If you would like to join the Toronto Working Group, submit an article or comment on our newsletter or blog, email us at toronto@ccij.ca.

Canadian Centre for International Justice Toronto Working Group, c/o 312 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa, ON K1N www.ccij.ca

Make justice count. Your donation helps CCIJ to continue its work.

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